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 Are you familiar of AA milestone tokens or AA medallions and coins? If you have, then you might already know that will help you abstain drinking alcohol once you join AA meetings. There are a lot of things that you need to know about these AA milestone tokens and why this having them is very beneficial for you. Below are some important details that you need to know about when joining sobriety groups and having these AA milestone tokens: 


What is the purpose of AA milestone tokens?


AA milestone tokens or also known as AA medallions and coins have a specific purpose that you should keep in mind. The main purpose is to give people a sense of satisfaction. For instance, if you have stayed sober for at least a day then you are being awarded an AA white coin to represent your current goal. If you also have accomplished at least a month of no alcohol consumption then you would receive a green or red coin, depending what place you are staying in. The more months or years that you have stayed sober then the more AA milestone tokens will you receive and collect. These AA milestone tokens will help you remind your entire journey.  Read more great facts on sobriety coins, click here. 


What are AA milestone tokens made of?


AA milestone tokens are many from many types of materials. Some of these tokens are plastic-made. Some of them are also made from bronze or metal. In fact, these AA milestone tokens are also made from various sizes and shapes. There are some sobriety groups that would also make key chains out of them.  For more useful reference regarding alcoholics anonymous chips, have  a peek here. 


What are the benefits of AA milestone tokens?


There are a lot of benefits when you have AA milestone tokens. For instance, these token items will remind you what you have already achieved. This would also help you be a lot more confident as you go through your year of sobriety. This would also encourage you stay focus as you go through years without alcohol consumption. So be sure that you join a sobriety group right now to help you stay fit without the need of drinking alcohol daily. Join AA meetings and get your own AA milestone tokens today! If you want, you can also ask your friends and loved ones to join with you in the journey. It would also be a good idea that you visit a local token shop to know more details about various AA milestone tokens. Don't wait any longer! Get AA milestone tokens right away! Please view this site for further details.